Restored photos are time-consuming to do, but the memories they hold make the cost worthwhile. They make great presents for anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas.

People often say it's like taking them back in time when they see an image restored to its original glory. 

Colourising a black and white image can make it seem like it was taken yesterday.

If you want an image restored, get in touch via the contact link above.

Photo restoration


improve lighting

reduce excessive grain

improve overall sharpness

crop for better composition

red-eye removal/reduction

enhance colours and saturation

improve contrast and brightness

remove/reduce any overall colour cast

smooth skin tones and remove imperfections

convert sepia or yellowed photos to black and white


per image


All of Basic Restoration above plus

repairing light mould or damage

repairing hair-line cracks or markings

removing one or two small imperfections



All of Medium Restoration above plus

removing multiple imperfections

repairing moderate mould damage

small-medium facial area corrections

repairing multiple wrinkles, folds or tears

some minor rebuilding or object removing

repairing small areas damaged or missing

repairing small areas of face or body missing


Photo colourisation

Restoration takes place first. If needed, colourisation can be done after this. The prices below are therefore in addition to any restoration prices above.


one or two figures with a simple background

clear background: no complex patterns, flowers or foliage


per image


2 to 3 figures

some background objects

more complicated details, patterned clothing and flowers



up to 6 people

intricate details

complex backgrounds, flowers, vehicles and patterns


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